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Los Alamos High School Theater

Olions '06 - '07

6/11/08 07:15 pm - lunar_rainbows - Website

Hello all,
So we have been working on the website this summer to help establish better communication for next year, and even though it is not complete yet you all should go check it out, and it will be continually updated this summer. It is
Also, on the Teching page there is all the information and application for those who might be interested in doing the Technical Sponsorship for next year. So if you know of anyone who is interested you can direct them to the site.

5/27/08 07:46 am - lunar_rainbows - End of the year

So we have a new board, and I'm moving on, so I'll announce the new board and I need to pass this group onto somebody who's still in Olions to keep it updated.

New board =

Anna H.
Ellen K.
Natasha R.

Junior Board =

Amanda J.

Leave a comment if you're interested in modding this group.

1/16/08 02:02 pm - lunar_rainbows - Topper Revue 07-08

Well TR is all up and running.

Calen McKenzie
Nathan Cournoyer
Ryan Gallen
Kelly Greeff
Elise Galbert
Alia George

The acts are very good this year and the theme of TR is Rock Band.

I'll post the show dates. I don't know them right off the top of my head.


11/26/07 09:55 pm - lunar_rainbows - One Acts

The One Acts are in full swing!

We open next friday and it's going to be AMAZING!

Andrea will open with " 'dentity Crisis" It's about a girl who tried to kill herself because of her crazy family that keeps changing identities, and she tried to run away, but ends up back with them. It's nuts with the family and the craziness, but it's also hillarious.
I will then change the mood up a little with a serious one act written by our own Vickie W. titled "Fire and Darkness". This is about a couple that takes twists and turns in the city life. The girl with a wealthy past, meets a boy who lost all his money to a pick pocketing bum. He's already taken, by a controlling witch, and his best friend balances his life until the girl of his dreams comes along.
Erin will finish off the night with a turn back for the hillarious. "The Actor's Nightmare" is just what it is, an actor on stage. He doesn't know what the play is, any of the lines, and it keeps switching on him, just like in an actor's worst nightmare.

Come watch these awesome one acts and help us determine which one of us will go to festival this year.


11/3/07 11:01 pm - lunar_rainbows - Change of scene.

So the fall play ended last night. It was fun and a little bitter sweet.

So, the One Acts are next. If you're interested, or know somebody who's interested, come audition in Topper Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday this week! It'll be a blast.

These are the one acts:
Erin M. is directing "Naomi in the Living Room"
Andrea S. is directing "'dentity Crisis"
I (Brianna P.) am directing "Fire and Darkness" written by Vickie W.

If you're not auditioning, please come see the performances. It'll be a blast. I'll post the dates soon.


9/4/07 08:44 am - lunar_rainbows - Announcements

Okay, so the time has passed for the show announcements. If you haven't already heard, here are the shows for this year.

The Fall Play:
Steel Magnolias

It's already been cast and rehearsals are starting now.

The Spring Musical:
Little Shop of Horrors

Yes, it's originally a small cast, but we have plans for cast expansion and such.

Any questions?


8/5/07 12:55 pm - lunar_rainbows - Clean out time!!!

Hey Olions (Future, Past, and Present)!

The big time has come and we need all available help. We're going to clean out the fridge and the theatre! It will take place on August 11th at 1:30 at the auditorium. Please come and help. Bring everybody you can. Tell everybody you can!

This is a really exciting and big change! Come and be a part of it.

This notice is going to be posted everywhere I can post it.


6/10/07 09:15 pm - lunar_rainbows - Cleaning and updates and such.

So, the descision has been made to clean out the fridge. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

I'm pretty sure the dates are set, I just can't remember them right now. Let your friends, parents, relatives, anybody know about this. We also may be doing a garage sale with some of the stuff. Also, if you come a couple free tickets to this year's shows may be in order. It's not for sure yet. We want to get this theatre in tip top shape!

Arrangements and descisions are coming along smoothly. I'm not going to let you in on any details, you'll find out when the school year starts!


1/15/07 07:48 pm - lunar_rainbows - Topper Revue!

Topper Revue is the first two weekends of Febuary, including a Thursday show the second weekend.

The emcees:
Bryant L.
Jenna T.
Ian Dempsey
Hannah S.
Jacob D.
Maggie T.

I'll get the list of acts up if I can.

I hope to see you at the show!! Clap for me.

9/14/06 12:22 pm - lunar_rainbows - The Start of it All

So, Olions for the school year of '06-'07 has begun at LAHS.

The parade is tomarrow and the fall play is cast and rehearsals are going on.

For teching: Contact for committee heads if they don't contact you soon. Also, if your committee requires you to be certified, I suggest that you do so asap. Things are also easier in a group so get certified if you need to.

For alumni: The fall play will show on October 27th and 28th, and November 3rd and 4th.

Admission: Students and Seniors: $5 Adults: $10

8/25/06 05:05 pm - lunar_rainbows - Updates

Hey everybody!

So, I'm the new mod, thanks to dancing_author and eriolgal. They were great and I don't know how I'll follow in their footsteps.

Anyway, as the mod changed, so did a few other things. The group has a new look and an icon. All members can still post, of course. Only appearances changed.

I also hope to keep everybody up to date with the who's who and the what's what with the Olions club. This also includes dates and prices (if they change) for those of you who have moved away or just don't go to the school anymore.

And that's that. I hope you enjoy the new look.

- Brianna P.

EDIT: Okay, I noticed there are some problems with what I've done, so I'm going to change a few things.

EDIT #2: It's fixed. I hope it works on your computer. If it doesn't, then I'll change it again.
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5/31/06 08:00 pm - dancing_author - Liven up people!

Okay folks.  As both eriolgal and myself are heading off to college in the fall, I don't feel it is fair for us to keep modship over you.  We need someone who is currently in Olions to take over the community and do simple stuff (like keep out spammers/trolls).

If anybody wants to do this please comment and let me know!


ALSO: Congratulations to the 2006-2007 board!  Jenna, Bryant, Beth, Becca, and junior board member Andrea!  Keep all of us graduates informed as to what is going on ;)

3/12/06 07:19 pm - rustysmurf - In need of some help

As those who know me already know, I'm no longer living in Los Alamos and thus no longer a part of Olions. However, I still value you guys' opinions and am now requesting your assistance.

I will most likely be directing a one-act play later this year, but I have no idea what I should do. I'm really pretty lost here as I can't name any one acts off the top of my head except Variations on the Death of Trotsky and I've never even seen that. So really any suggestions are welcome.

Any help with this at all would really be greatly appreciated.

11/8/05 07:40 am - dancing_author - IMPORTANT

Olions is sinking. Somone slashed Mrs. Campbell's tires on Friday night. In retaliation she is giving us until wednesday to turn in the "culprit" before Olions ends. I just thought I would let those of you weren't at the meeting yesterday know about it.


10/29/05 09:47 pm - lunar_rainbows - Hoorah!!

A great job well done to everybody one the first two nights!

Dispite the fact that the audiences were small, you still rocked the house!

It's been a great adventure leading up to opening night and now that we've done 2 of our shows, we just need to give our adventure an ending.

Let's do it with a bang while moving onto the One Acts.

-Brianna P.

PS: Don't forget One Act auditions are Monday and Tuesday after school!

9/3/05 12:58 am - dancing_author - IMPORTANT!!

If you would like to be involved in the fall play “The Dining Room” then you need to find Kendra or Andrea as soon as possible! We need your names and student ID #s before we can let you participate (blame Abney not me). Please get this done as soon as possible so we can have a great fall play!! If you have any questions just comment on this post or find me at school tuesday.

Thanks, Kendra

8/30/05 07:31 am - dancing_author - 2005/2006 Olions season!

For those of you who couldn't make it to the meetings, here is this year's season.

Fall Play:
"The Dining Room"-a series of scenes taking place in a dining room

One Acts:
"Words, Words, Words"-three monkeys in a room typing Hamlet
"The Interview"-ask Josh what it's about...I don't remember
"Psycho Nanny"-written by Mary, stories about the nannies Mary and Sarah had as children

"Aida"-far too complicated for me to explain...go look it up

Have fun at the auditions today!


8/24/05 07:31 pm - madamnelena - UPCOMING OLIONS EVENTS

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great summer and are excited to be back up on stage, whether in front of or behind the curtain, again!! Here's the rundown of our upcoming events:

Saturday August 27 (this Saturday), 6pm, Smith auditorium:
OLIONS PARTY!!! Everyone should come to this, it will be lots of fun. We'll have lots of food, sneak previews of the big shows, and lots of games and music and fun!! Tell all your friends and anyone you think would be interested in joining olions--we are trying to bring in lots of new people!!!

Monday, August 29, After school Smith auditorium
Informational meeting: we will hand out paperwork and calendars and talk about committes a lot more at this meeting. Everyone should try to be at this too, just so they can get all the important information. And if anyone misses Saturday, they can get the information Monday (but you shouldn't miss Saturday, it will be lots of fun!!)

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 30-31, 3-8ish, Smith auditorium
Auditions for the Fall Play!!! More information about this at the meetings, but just put it on your calendars and show up if interested!

Those are the big events now, more will be updated later. Hope to see you all soon (SATURDAY!!)
The Board
Elena, Mary, Josh

8/18/05 09:15 pm - eriolgal

Attention all Olions!

I'm SURE everyone is enjoying their first days of school. ;) Luckily with the start of school, Olions isn't far behind.

Orientation/the first meeting of the year will be held TWO different times, so hopefully everyone will be able to attend one of them.

The times/dates are as follows:



Both meetings will be held in the Duane Smith Auditorium and will be led by Mary, Josh, and Elena (the fabulous Olions board). If you want information but are unable to attend, they are probably the best people to go to. If you can't find them, you're also welcome to contact the Olions LJ community mods - Kendra (dancing_author) and myself (eriolgal)

Here's to another great year and beyond!

~ Laura (eriolgal)

7/2/05 03:45 pm - fignutsy - this is beth

i love olions!!! ...and that's about all i have to say.

6/3/05 02:22 pm - madamnelena - We need help!

Hi Olions, this is the Board. We are trying to write some material and we would really appreciate it if you could post or email us some stories. We want stories about your experiences so far in high school, both good and bad, excellent and shitty. Tell us about the people you hate and why, and who you look up to and admire and why. Also any stories about people you had judged and then you found out something about them that made you change your mind completely. You don't have to use any names if you don't want (but please give person one and two instead of lots of he's so we don't get confused). Please tell people that don't read this or post here as well, as we want as much input as possible! You can post here or email mary at mfosheec@hotmail.com or Elena at celesta987@yahoo.com

6/3/05 09:35 am - eriolgal

Hey Olions!

The 2005-2006 Olions Board is looking for plays and musicals for 05-06 season. If you have any ideas, please either leave a comment here, or talk to one of the board members (Josh, Elena, and Mary) soon. If you leave a comment here, I'll make sure they know.

Thanks for your time and ideas!

~Laura (Co-Mod)

5/20/05 11:42 pm - dancing_author - Cleaning Time

Hey Olions. Sometime in the week after finals we are going to do a massive cleaning of the Fridge. We need as many people as possible to come and help out. Please comment and tell me if you can go or if you can't (if you can't could you give us a better time?). This is really important so please comment or speak to the board about it. Thanks.


5/16/05 05:05 pm - dancing_author - Junior board member

Hey current sophmore Olions, if you want to be the junior board member for next year's board you need to sign up in Olions Hall for an interview time with Elena, Josh and Mary. If you have any questions contact one of the board. The interviews will be Wenesday after school so sign up before then.


5/15/05 08:51 am - ryuukanan

Congratulations to the 205-2006 Board.
Josh Chapman
Mary Conklin and
Elena Gustafson

You guys will do an amazing job next year!

4/30/05 12:41 pm - dancing_author - Great job you guys!!

Congratulations to everyone who is participating in "Once Upon a Mattress"!! You all did a fabulous job last night. Keep up the good work for the next four shows!

3/28/05 01:02 pm - superbrett26


Check it out!! It's the new hottness!!

Tell your friends!! We're on live 24/7! (except when we're not)

It's awesome!

3/25/05 09:04 am - ryuukanan - Lettering

OLIONS! There is a list posted in Olions hall of those people that get a letter this year. Go and initial your name. Next to your name also write what you get. If you lettered last year then this year you get a pin. If you haven't lettered then for the first time you get a letter and a pin.

There are also people last year that lettered but didn't recieve a letter or maybe they didn't receive a pin. Write this down also. Do this by MONDAY!!!!

If you don't then you don't letter.

3/1/05 08:46 pm - ryuukanan - Pictures for scrapbook

Hey guys, this is Irina. If any of you have pictures from Festival, You Can't Take It With You, or the One-Acts, they will be greatly appreciated. They will be for the scrapbook at the end of the year.

If any of you are feeling charitable then find me around and either give me the pictures, put them on a CD or some other media drive, or you can e-mail them to me at ryuukanan@hotmail.com.

Thanks, It will be greatly appreciated.
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