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Los Alamos High School Theater

Olions '06 - '07

2/9/05 02:26 pm - amy_ai

Hey kids! Amy your friendly yearbook layout... er... maker here. You know me. I'm the girl with the funky bangs and the bright green poofy jacket. I'm doing the layout for TR, and I have a couple questions.

1. I'd like to make sure of the spelling... it IS Topper REVUE, right? I'm pretty much absolutely sure of it, but I want to be positively absolutely sure. And I forgot to look at my program. If none of you see this before 5:30 today (Wednesday), don't bother commenting, cause I'll go home and look.
2. I know all of you kids are "special friends" with your camera, digital or otherwise. If you have any SUPER COOL pictures, especially of the techs backstage, actual performances (from the audience or from backstage), or the emcees in their tuxes, I'd love to see them... you can email me at laliria@gmail.com. ANY help you guys have is tons appreciated. And you would be credited for your amazing photo taking skillz. ^.~
3. Any cool quotes, memories, etc etc that would be cool in the yearbook? You can send those to me too.

ALSO. If any of you who go to LAHS and participated in TR would like to be featured in the yearbook, just post a comment answering this question: "How do you make it through hours and hours of tough rehearsals?" AND make sure that I'll be able to get a picture of you conceivably soon (like end of this week at the latest)... and yes, I'd take the picture. This might be before or after school or at lunch where we could meet somewhere and have a glamourous photoshoot.

Once again, my email is laliria@gmail.com. Hope some of you are willing to help. =)

1/26/05 09:45 pm - superbrett26 - One Acts DVDs

The One Acts DVDs are going on sale possibly this weekend and definitely next. The disc has both nights of the final weekend. If you want one they are $5, you must give the money to Mary (Conklin) to secure your copy. I will only have a limited number available for direct sale.

If you still want a You Can't Take It With You DVD you can get one for $5 if you let me know ASAP.

-Brett D.

12/9/04 07:27 pm - dancing_author

Hey all Olions for those of you who don't know or couldn't guess i am Kendra Hartwell. My current purpose in life is to inform you of a totally awesome theatre camp that is happening in London this summer. I would really like to go, but according to my parents i am not allowed to go to London alone for a week. I was hoping that one of you would like to come with me. This is not just an acting camp, it is a combination of tech and acting so don't feel like one aspect of theatre is being left out. If anybody would like to go please talk to me at school or comment on my lj. thanks

11/30/04 06:35 pm - peaches5555 - DVDs

Hey guys, this is Mary. As most of you know Brett came to the YCTIWY shows and (despite much protest from mrs. kelly) taped the whole thing. So... DVDs are going on sale. They are really awesome with lots of little "extras". So if you are interested in ordering a DVD please see me asap for details. (if you dont care about details just bring me $4) Spread the word!

11/7/04 02:47 pm - thesmartblonde - Heads Up!

I have been made stage manager for the One Acts this year. Yay! Heh, anyways, we'll prolly start teching Tuesday after school, once I found out from Irina, Sam and Jamie what all we need and are going to be building. Keep your ears open during announcements or talk to me if you'd like to know!

9/6/04 08:27 pm - eriolgal

Okay, I realize that all people who read the Olions LJ are not freshman, but I shall give this a shot anyway.

IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN DOING SOUND, PLEASE CONTACT ME! So far one person has talked to me about doing sound, but they kinda were apathetic about it and I'd prefer to train at least two or three people.

I don't care whether you are an actor or a tech or whatever, but if you (or someone you know) is interested in working the soundboard, show me a little love and let me know.

You can email me at auralaura@msn.com or just post a comment on my journal.

Thanks all!

7/31/04 11:35 am - chickyboo - Scalleywaggin

Hi there, this is completely off topic, but eh... Does anyone know Nicole H*******? I know she was an olions geek a couple years ago. I'm trying to get a hold of her, but it seems like her phone is disconected or she changed her number or something. If you are like "Ew... crazy stalker is trying to kill Nicole." Then just tell her to give me a call, ne? Oh yeah, "Hi I'm Tamie." I'm that strange girl in a black leather coat who goes to anout 1/2 the things milly_monkey is a part of. She's a great asset, you know! Enough rambling...

Wait, no... nevermind! ^^;

7/24/04 10:45 pm - jenna_ration - Superific!

Hello children of the night.
Well well sad little Olies we need a bit more posting here and perhaps a little less reading. So post or boast, but use this precious place to remember us all and tell us al the lame excuses for interesting things that happen to you this summer. I myself dont do much but hang with my friends and read various children's Live Journals. well, how about a topic then? For those few who seem to come and visit this poor community. What are the rumors and/or truths that each of you have heard about K leaving us?
Dance my friends

7/2/04 02:41 pm - rustysmurf

This community is in need of someone posting in it. So here I am. Posting. The happiest of all the hated Olions. Funny how the creator and one of the first members turned out to not really be in Olions. But all the good Olions tend not to be present. Just kidding. ...or am I? I wish I were high right now. If I were, I would have an excuse to be posting this mindless bullshit on all your friend pages. But just to be a bother... FUCK. In case one of your parents walks by and sees your monitor as you check your livejournal.

Edit: So that I'm actually saying something instead of just being a dumbass: I love Maria Sharapova.

6/15/04 12:47 pm - mr_nice_guy86 - The Implied Olions Rules

1. Anyone who disregards a direct stage manager's order, will be shun at for at least a week and deserves to be dragged out into the street and be beaten. The last punishiment is left to the stage manager(s).

2. Do NOT go out of your way to annoy the Gorgon (Ms. Kelly) or that little poster she has on her door will come true. You've been warned.

3. You can only sit on the Techie couch if you have actually done some work. (Alas this one doesn't imply anymore, tears roll down face)

4. Mishandling of Fly is the only acceptable way to kill someone in Olions. No exceptions.

5. Once part of Olions your ass, chest, and other bodly parts are public property. (I dare you to argue this rule!)

6. Once part of the Olions, your feelings, life, and the hell with it, your soul, is going to be under public srunity. MMMMWAHHAHAHA! Your soul is mine, get used to it.

7. Stupidity and Ignorance is punishable by death. (By Fly) The Judges on this rule are the board.
These were made back when I was a freshman in high school

6/1/04 05:29 pm - jenna_ration - Ello there

Hello Children of Backstageness. I have become one of you live journalees, so im just checkin around the site and stuff. Pop by sometime. Making friends is fun. Good luck wit all yer finals guys. Don't study too hard. ta ta

5/26/04 09:34 pm - lust77

Ok guys I need to write a 20 line poem about theatre geeks and who better to ask than us? Ok I need stereotypical things that actors do. Post a comment, save a grade.

5/5/04 09:22 pm - rustysmurf

Someone hug me.

3/22/04 05:49 pm - mr_nice_guy86 - The Lost Rules

Hay. Check out my journal for list of Implied Olions rules, I believed these were from two to three years ago. Have fun Michael.

2/17/04 08:12 pm - peefy

Does anyone know who "disgruntled" is on the Olions message board? I'm highly offended at whoever thinks he has the right to say the things he has.

1/8/04 11:38 pm - rustysmurf - Why Donkey Kong is great

I'll tell you what's a great game and I'll tell you right now. Donkey Kong. That's what's a great game. I don't mean all these newer dumbfuck Donkey Kongs. I mean the Nintendo GameBoy Donkey Kong. 1994. It kicks ass. It starts off just like the NES one, but then has hella more levels after that. I beat it. That's what I did. It was fun. It's a great game, it really is. Who wouldn't love a game with a huge monkey named donkey? And he throws barells (how the fuck do you spell that?)! It really is great. I just can't say enough about this game. Only thing cooler might be Contra. or Punch-Out. Both for NES. Contra is this like super cool vietnam type thing, but with aliens. And other weird shit that doesn't make sense, but doesn't have to because people weren't fuckheads back then. I beat it once. When I was young. Now, with my emulator, I can't even get past the second level. Maybe some day. And Punch-Out is just the shizz-nam. It kicks total ass. Everything about it just rules over every game of today.

I see that this is rather non olions related, but who gives a shit? There are no updates in this goddamn community.

But I actually do have something olions related to say. And that is how does one tech for TR? What is the situation?

11/7/03 07:29 am - rustysmurf - Showtime!

First show today. Do well, kiddos

11/2/03 06:32 pm - rustysmurf - *boob poke*

Yay Olions!

In other news, how often do normal people wash their socks? Do they wear them once, throw them in a dirty laundry pile/basket, and use a new pair of socks the next day? Then wash them all at the same time at the end of the week or something? I ask because I don't wash my socks. ...like ever. I couldn't find them to wash them even if I wanted to. But I want to know if normal people wash their socks often. If you guys are like me, I'm not a freak. If not, this whole post is a joke. I wash my socks all the time... *bites lip* *looks around nervously* Oh jeez. I better go.

Yay olions!

11/1/03 11:32 pm - euphoria_faun - Missing the Show

Yeah, so here I am in Washington...Olions-less. And Rocky Horror-less as well. Which is why I would like to request that people post pictures of Justin/other people who were there on here or send them to me via e-mail. Also I'd love to hear some goos stories or something. Please? I need my Olions fix! *whines* I'm not even coming home for Thanksgiving! You guys need to keep me sane!
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