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Liven up people!

Okay folks.  As both eriolgal and myself are heading off to college in the fall, I don't feel it is fair for us to keep modship over you.  We need someone who is currently in Olions to take over the community and do simple stuff (like keep out spammers/trolls).

If anybody wants to do this please comment and let me know!


ALSO: Congratulations to the 2006-2007 board!  Jenna, Bryant, Beth, Becca, and junior board member Andrea!  Keep all of us graduates informed as to what is going on ;)
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Wait, what? Why are there so many board members?
After my junior year they decided to start having a junior board member. That member gets some experience his or her junior year and is automatically placed on board the following year. This past year, Bryant was the junior board member. Then at the elections there were only three people running for board. The votes were so close that they all got on (or something like that). And then they picked Andrea as the junior board member.
Huh. I guess that's a pretty cool system.
I'd like to try for the mod-ness!!

I don't know how I missed this post, but yeah. I'd love to mod this!
Ack, sorry it took me so long to reply. I will put you in as a moderator right away...I figure since Laura wasn't a member of Olions at all this year there is no reason to ask her.