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Hey everybody!

So, I'm the new mod, thanks to dancing_author and eriolgal. They were great and I don't know how I'll follow in their footsteps.

Anyway, as the mod changed, so did a few other things. The group has a new look and an icon. All members can still post, of course. Only appearances changed.

I also hope to keep everybody up to date with the who's who and the what's what with the Olions club. This also includes dates and prices (if they change) for those of you who have moved away or just don't go to the school anymore.

And that's that. I hope you enjoy the new look.

- Brianna P.

EDIT: Okay, I noticed there are some problems with what I've done, so I'm going to change a few things.

EDIT #2: It's fixed. I hope it works on your computer. If it doesn't, then I'll change it again.
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